In mid-2010 a young man in our congregation, in a small coastal town in north Queensland (Australia), received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour (John 1:12). His name was Scott Stephenson, and he was a driver of trains hauling coal in the region. At his baptism on 20 March 2011, he recounted how his conversion had happened.

It was clear to many in the church that he had struggled with evolution. And that the message and materials of Creation Ministries International (CMI) played a vital ongoing part in the joyous Christian walk they observed him living.

Tragically, less than six months after being baptized, he was dead, killed in a freak accident. Despite the sadness, his funeral became a vital testimony to many in our community. But first, some background.

Scott’s testimony

In his baptismal testimony, Scott said that his parents raised him in the Christian life: “I went to church each Sunday and attended Sunday school.” He even attended a Christian high school, but after a certain age, things changed. He decided that he did not need God, who was only holding him back. He said:

“I took whatever path I needed to take to get to what I wanted, in the quickest, easiest way. I lied, I stole, and I cheated. I held no regard for the feelings of others.”

But with his childhood Christian teaching, he says, “I felt guilt. I knew I was doing the wrong thing.”

Nevertheless, he tried to justify his sin, till he reached the point where, he said,

“I knew I had to kill off God inside myself to get rid of the guilt. ‘Kill the judge, kill the judgment.’ So I started telling myself there was no God. I would cling to any and every fragment of what I thought was ‘evidence’ against Him. I espoused evolution; I cited the hypocritical nature of pious religious types who would say one thing and do another … And, like any good predator, I would pick on the weakest of the group … my Christian wife.”….

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