Evolutionists have long realized that there are a number of chemistry problems that they have to overcome in order for the evolution of life from non-living compounds to have taken place.

One of those problems deals with the chirality of various chemical compounds necessary for life.  Amino acids need to be all left-handed while sugars are all right-molecules.  In nature, amino acids and sugars are found in both right and left-handed forms so one of the problems they face is how to get one or the other them to form randomly in nature with just right or left-handed forms.

Researchers at the University of York and the University of Nottingham claimed to have discovered a process that could possibly explain the formation of right-handed sugars in the prebiotic world.

In their experiments, the researchers used all left-handed amino acids in their process of catalyzing the formation of the simple sugars, threose and erythrose.  The results showed that using all left-handed amino acids resulted in right-handed simple sugars and voilà problem solved.

One of the researchers, Dr Paul Clarke said:

There are a lot of fundamental questions about the origins of life and many people think they are questions about biology. But for life to have evolved, you have to have a moment when non-living things become living — everything up to that point is chemistry.

We are trying to understand the chemical origins of life. One of the interesting questions is where carbohydrates come from because they are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. What we have achieved is the first step on that pathway to show how simple sugars — threose and erythrose — originated. We generated these sugars from a very simple set of materials that most scientists believe were around at the time that life began.

While they may believe they have solved part of the problem of the chemical evolution of life, it really doesn’t.  In nature, there would have been fairly equal amounts of right and left-handed amino acids which also mean that they would have catalyzed equal amounts of right and left-handed sugars.

If they are counting on the fact that at some stage of chemical evolution of life there were only left-handed amino acids, they still have an insurmountable obstacle to overcome that they seem to be ignoring.

How do they explain the improbability of getting only left-handed amino acids to form in nature when both handedness occurs?

What caused the two chirality forms of amino acids to randomly segregate out from each other in nature in order to get just right-handed sugars?  No one has yet been able to provide a viable explanation for this.

When I looked for clues as to the formation of life and the laws of chemistry that help govern life, I turn to two references.  First is Genesis 1 and 2 that tells me that God created everything in the entire universe.  Second is Jeremiah 33:25 that says:

This is what the LORD says: ‘If I have not made my covenant with day and night and the fixed laws of heaven and earth.

From Scripture, we not only read where God created everything but He also set the fixed laws of heaven and earth in place which includes the laws of chemistry and biology.  God set them in place and has a covenant with them which means that they will not change until the time when all of creation passes away.


Scientists Discover New Clue to Chemical Origins of Life, Science Daily, Jan 24, 2012.

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