By David Coppedge

What on earth are science reporters doing promoting communism by “framing” the language of redistributive tax policy?

One might hope that science should steer clear of political ideology.  But look at this headline that appeared on both Science Daily and PhysOrg: “Want to influence support for redistributive tax policies?  Choose your words carefully.”  This sounds like naked advocacy for income redistribution, a key element of communism.  The articles are unmodified echoes of a press release from the Association for Psychological Science, making these two leading science media sites complicit in advocating a communist principle.

The article described supposed experiments that showed conservatives less likely to oppose income redistribution if the questions were phrased in terms of how much the rich made over the poor, versus how much less the poor made with respect to the rich.  The pseudo-empiricism of this “experiment” was undermined by a clear goal of figuring out how to soften the opposition to redistribution.

Redistribution of wealth is a core concept of communism.  Perceiving the distance between poor and rich, Marx built his system as a means of taking from the rich and giving to the poor (income redistribution), with the revolutionary government taxed with punishing the bourgeousie to reward the proletariat, to achieve a utopia of equality of outcome.  Capitalists, instead, believe in equality of opportunity.  They believe that the free market motivates the entrepreneur to take risks with the hope of reward.  The capitalist is further incentivized to please customers by lowering prices and creating better products.  Wealth is not seen as a zero-sum game.   Instead, the economy grows, the pie enlarges, and everyone benefits when free market competition creates wealth.  Capitalism is built on initiative, responsibility and reward rather than class envy….

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