A secular science reporter blundered twice about irreducible complexity and evolution.

Natalie Wolchover, writing for Live Science, was explaining why evolution never produced wheeled animals.  Eyes, she said, are no problem for evolution: “Despite the complexity of the eye, it manages to evolve because each advance in its development offers some advantage.… From start to finish, a full-on eye can evolve in as little as 400,000 years, evolutionary biologists have estimated” she claimed, without naming names.  Wheels, however, are beyond the reach of natural selection.  Her authority was noted atheist, Darwinist and anti-creationist Richard Dawkins.  After describing how evolution might produce an eye in stages, she said:

The wheel, on the other hand, is an irreducibly complex system: It must work perfectly to work at all.… The sophisticated carpentry required to fashion wheel-and-axle systems explains why humans didn’t manage to invent them until the Bronze Age.…

Evolution can only build body parts in stages, but because a rudimentary, nonrotating proto-wheel provides no benefit whatsoever to an animal, the process of wheel development is destined to never begin. “The wheel may be one of those cases where the engineering solution can be seen in plain view, yet be unattainable in evolution because its lies the other side of a deep valley,” the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explained in a classic 1996 article on the lack of bio-wheels in nature, published in The Sunday Times.

Finally, consider this: Even if an animal could make a sudden leap across that valley and find itself in possession of the genetic blueprint for a perfect pair of wheels, how would it even grow them? To rotate freely, wheels cannot be attached to the axles that support the rest of the body. So without attachment points, how would living wheels receive nutrients and expel waste? As Dawkins put it, “The problem of supplying a freely rotating organ with blood vessels (not to mention nerves) that don’t tie themselves in knots is too vivid to need spelling out!”….

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