As I travel around the country presenting seminars about creation and evolution, I am constantly reminded that “evidence” for evolution, which has been proven to be false for decades, is still used on a regular basis to push the false theory. I was recently impressed, once again, by this fact during a recent trip to Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. While I was there, I presented one of my usual lectures in which I show that the use of English Peppered moths and Ernst Haekel’s Law of Embryology have both been shown to be false for several decades now (see Major, 1994a; Harrub, 2001; Harrub, 2003). One would think that very pointed quotations from the highest echalons of the evolutionary community condemning this “evidence” would put a stop to its dissemination among high school and college students. Unfortunately that is not the case.

While talking to one young man who was attending a local college, he mentioned to me that his professor had recently taught the “truth” of evolution using the fake drawings of Ernst Haekel. He asked her, in what sounded like a very respectful tone, if she understood that these drawings had been proven to be false. She said those must have been different drawings and the ones she was showing were accurate. This young man explained that she was still using Haekle’s drawings almost 130 years after they had been shown to be false.

In a similar incident, during the same weekend seminar, a young man who was in high school, I believe, said that his teacher had recently used the English Peppered moths to show how natural selection works. He explained that the students were asked to play a computer simulation game that showed the value of this example of evidence for natural selection….

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