A powerful new book (by the author of the world’s topselling creationist book, Refuting Evolution1) picks up the gauntlet thrown down by the world’s most prominent anti-Christian.

Perhaps the best-known and most vocal opponent of all forms of theistic religion (but especially biblical Christianity) is Dr Richard Dawkins. Probably hundreds of thousands of people have been turned away from any vestige of a belief in God through his writings.

His early books, like The Blind Watchmaker, all assumed the truth of evolution, and were more to show people its implications—a purposeless, meaningless process, with no room for a Creator.

Then recently came his million-selling The God Delusion, an all-out assault on the very notion of God. It has emboldened atheists everywhere as never before.2

Dawkins and others like him make it clear that the logical foundation of their militant atheism is their belief in evolution, that molecules did turn into people over millions of years. Thus, belief in God (or at least, most certainly the Bible and its gospel, logically founded in Genesis) makes no sense.

Despite his success, Dawkins seemed frustrated by the fact that polls in the US show that a large portion of the population still believes in some form of divine creation. So he wrote what is meant to be his ultimate challenge to creationists. It is, he says, the first time he has presented the actual evidence for evolution in its full array. Called The Greatest Show on Earth: the evidence for evolution, it is clearly meant to inflict fatal damage on all remaining belief in creation….

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