CMI talks and seminars are typically very well received by Christians—they are often switched on by the importance of the issue, and see how the Bible can be trusted right from the beginning. One good example is CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole, who originally came as a theistic evolutionist to a seminar by Drs Carl Wieland and Don Batten to correct them, but ended up being corrected himself!

But of course, not all people like them, and this applies especially to people who disagree with our views. For example, one of Dr Catchpoole’s later creation seminars in Singapore was unfavorably (and unfairly) reviewed by a critic (see refutation). A recent seminar at a church by Gary Bates and Dr Jonathan Sarfati was extremely well received by the host pastors and attendees, who loved the available resources as well as the teaching. But we were surprised to hear of an elder (John K.) in the church, also a biology lecturer at a nearby Christian university, who, having failed to block our ministry, sent around a critique of the presentations to an unspecified mailing list.

If he indeed did attend all the presentations (there were 5 in total plus an extensive separate Q&A time), he never once sought out Jonathan or Gary for discussion during the whole day of the seminar. More troubling than critiquing the ‘facts’ of the presentations, he made some uncharitable comments which attributed a lack of integrity to both presenters. We are answering this to show what our opposition is often like, and how many often resort to attacking style, or the persons rather than content. Often, when making a controversy of such meetings, many churches will shy away from hosting creation meetings as they do not want to, nor do they have the time to deal with potential (and sometimes credentialed) troublemakers in the church (and we thank the church for hosting us even in the face of such opposition). After all, the ‘science’ is not their specialty. However, this is exactly why churches should have CMI ministry so that these compromising and unbiblical views can be responded to, showing how lacking in substance they are….

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