Here are some raised sea-level maps of the Sydney area that show very interesting features connected with the receding waters of Noah’s Flood.


First image: The 80m level is the level at which the scarp west of Sydney pops out. It seems that 80m is globally significant in many places.  Near Perth it also roughly marks the border scarp. On the east coast of the US, it’s a rough marker of the fall line, the demarcation between the Piedmont province and the coastal plain.

Others in the oil industry have noticed that 80m worldwide marks the boundaries of a lot of oil-rich provinces. Does that mean that there is oil around Sydney? Indeed, the lower Sydney formations do contain oil and gas (see Three Sisters: evidence for Noah’s Flood). Colours: yellow = 80m asl; red = 800m asl; Orange = 940m asl.

                                                                           Water gaps north of 3 Sisters basin near Sydney

Second image: As we reduce the water level, at 940–920m asl, 3 major water gaps draining mostly to the south pop out near the northern edge of the divide between the Sydney drainage area and the drainage area to the north. In central Australia, the 940m level also shows up a lot of the Finke River water gaps and the Lake Eyre highland. (You can’t see the Fink River area on this image but you would if if you did your own Google experiments.) Colours: yellow = 80m asl; red = 800m asl; Orange = 940m asl….

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