9092monkeys-on-tram-tracksA contemporary Christian group takes it to the streets

Gary Bates chats with Dave and Donovan of the rap group Destiny Lab.

As young men, Dave and Donovan1 experienced for themselves the deleterious effects of evolutionary teaching on young minds. That’s why they feel called to communicate the truth of biblical creation. But how would they get young people to listen, particularly when creation information is so widely censored in the public domain, where most perceive that evolution is true and the ‘facts’ support it?


Using their God-given talents, Dave and Donovan decided to use a popular medium to get an alternative view across. It led to the formation of a Christian hip-hop (rap) band called Destiny Lab.

Dave and Donovan made music together long before they both became Christians. Even though Dave was raised in a Christian home, he was interested in the paranormal from a young age, and was especially fascinated by the UFO phenomenon. Being keen on special effects, he moved to Hollywood and soon began to blend his youthful faith with Hollywoodistic sci-fi. The influence became so strong that he concluded that the Bible authors mistook aliens for angels. His family realized he had fallen for the assumptions of evolutionary thinking, when Dave made the comment that dinosaurs were millions of years old.2 It totally surprised his brother, who challenged Dave to investigate the matter further by reading and watching creation resources. The lights came on when Dave started to see a more sinister underbelly to the whole UFO façade, and that such beliefs were full of New-Age teaching that undermined some basic tenets of the gospel. He says of this UFO/aliens scene: “At its core, it is a belief in materialistic evolution, one that denies acknowledgement of personal sin, and promotes self-deification. This leads towards greater evolutionary enlightenment, as in, ‘You shall become as gods’ type status.”3….

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