Pierre-Oliver Antoine of the University of Montpellier in southern France led a team of researchers on a fossil hunting trip along the Cachiyacu River in northern Peru.  Among the fossils they found was an armadillo, some marsupials, rodents, other mammals, reptiles, crocodiles and crawfish.

What caught the attention of the team were the tiny teeth of several rodents that were no larger than a mouse or rat and are from a group of rodents referred to as caviomorphs.  Examining the tiny teeth, the researchers said:

These rodents already have the dental signature of the South American rodents that live today…They are quite similar to African rodents — both African rodents that still live today, that still exist, but also to the group of African rodents that lived at that time.

Based on the resemblance to rodents on both South America and Africa, the team concluded that the rodents must have emigrated from Africa to South America sometime over 41 million years ago since the layer of soil the teeth were found in is dated by evolutionists to be 41 million years old.

When asked to explain how these rodents got from Africa to South America, Antoine replied that they must have floated over on a raft of vegetation.  He went on to say that it would only have taken one to two weeks for the raft to have made the trip.

What I found interesting is that because the teeth are similar to modern rodents found on both continents, they deduce that they must have a migrated from Africa to South America via a vegetative raft.

Yet evolutionists have long ridiculed creationists for suggesting that animals could have migrated from one continent to another on rafts made of vegetation, floating islands (which do exist today) and log mats.  They have said the journeys would have taken too long to cross the oceans from Africa to South America or to Australia.

In other words, it’s okay for evolutionists to use a vegetation raft for animal migration across oceans but creationists are not allowed to use the same model.  This is typical for the double standards evolutionists often use in their attempts to justify their hollow faith in naturalism.


Welsh, Jennifer.  African Rodents Invaded Brazil 41 Million Years Ago, Live Science, Oct. 11, 2011.

Religion of Evolution DVD

A video presentation by Gary DeMar

Is the Theory of Evolution really science? Or, is it religion masquerading as science? More importantly, what will happen to America if evolutionists are successful in removing the Creator from public life?

The Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed by our Creator with certain “unalienable rights.” America’s founding fathers believed that earthly governments cannot convey rights; this is God’s jurisdiction. Governments must protect what only our Creator can give. But if science as it claims has demonstrated that there is no Creator, from where (or what) do our rights come?

To avoid anarchy, a nation that removes God must turn to the State to grant rights. Scientific reason becomes the new God, and scientists the new priests. As politics change, the State can determine that it no longer wants to allow its citizens to have a right that it once graciously granted. Read a little further in history textbooks and you will see that we are repeating the mistakes of the past. The bloody French Revolution and the rise of Marxism in the Russian Revolution may give you some idea where America could be headed.

Filmed during the Defending the Faith Conference at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in early 2005, The Religion of Evolution exposes the religious foundation and political implications of the theory of evolution. Gary DeMar (President of American Vision) will show you why evolution is really a false religion masquerading as science and how it was purposefully designed to be the antithesis of the Christian faith. You will also learn what happens when societies remove God from their public life. The DVD package also includes a 40-page booklet which expands upon the content discussed in the presentation.

“This DVD explains in 45 minutes what sociologists and psychologists have been unable to explain in 150 years. DeMar exposes the hidden consequences of the theory of evolution; how it has affected the world outside of the biology lab. Evolution is a worldview and as such it informs how its disciples will live and act in the world. Christians must be aware of this and be able to show that evolution, when consistently believed and applied, can be used to justify anythingeven mass murder and ethnic cleansing.” Eric Rauch (Editor-in-chief, ChristianReader.com)

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