Geologists have uncovered a great mystery in granite rocks. They find tiny black circles, known as radiohalos. They were caused by radioactive decay of polonium, but the source has disappeared. Where did it come from, and where did it go? The only answer is a global Flood.

Part one of this three-part series described the mysterious “halos” found inside granite (the common speckled rocks used for kitchen countertops and tombstones). These microscopic halos look a lot like “bullet holes.” Why are they of interest to creationists?

Once you learn more about these features, you will see why they mystify geologists. They are hard to explain if granite formed slowly over millions of years, but they make perfect sense if molten material rose near the earth’s surface during the worldwide Flood and quickly hardened into granite.

But first, you will need to understand a bit more about radioactive decay and its effects on rocks.

The Well-Understood Radioactive Decay of Uranium

Geologists have a clear understanding of the radioactive decay of uranium atoms and the decay’s effects on surrounding rocks. We can observe this process today. It is not a mystery.

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