Central Queensland floods sweep cow out through Fitzroy River across ocean

by Tas Walker, Ph.D.

In early January 2011, a cow was spotted swimming near North Keppel Island some 12 km off the coast near Rockhampton, Queensland. It was thought the animal had been swept out through the Fitzroy River which was in flood at the time. The River peaked on 6 January at 9.2 metres and remained near its peak for more than two weeks. It was draining flood rainfall from an area of Queensland the size of Georgia in the USA. The volume of water flowing through the river each day would have filled Sydney Harbour twice over.

Great numbers of cattle were swept from properties in the catchment. I know of one family that lost their entire herd when water overtopped their dams and flowed across their land.

If the cow near North Keppel Island had indeed been washed out through the Fitzroy River (and it is hard to imagine where else it could have come from) then it would have travelled in the ocean for some 50 km before it was spotted (figure).

The tragic floods in central Queensland give a small insight into understanding the rocks and fossils that are a consequence of the enormous Flood of Noah’s day, that devastated the entire globe. The Bible describes the animals perishing during the Genesis catastrophe:….

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