Prestonwood Baptist Church launched its Creation Expo Vacation Bible School at two of its three church locations in the Dallas metroplex this week, drawing thousands of kids from the area to learn about science, Scripture, and salvation.

The children’s ministry at the church contacted ICR last November to see if we could partner with Prestonwood to help them fulfill a long-time goal to have a VBS focused on Genesis and creation. Since January, ICR has come alongside the talented staff of Prestonwood’s children’s ministry to help get Creation Expo moving in the right direction and provide a biblical and scientific review of each portion of the VBS training and teaching materials.

Dr. Rhonda Forlow, ICR’s new Education Specialist, worked closely with Prestonwood’s Sondra Saunders, Diana Pendley, and Nancy Newton in strategic planning, curriculum development, creating classroom activities, and brainstorming about the “mini-museums” constructed by church volunteers.

Prestonwood Senior Pastor Jack Graham reported:

Creation Expo is the most creative Vacation Bible School we have ever done. It has been a great way to teach kids about God the Creator through the inspiring sights and sounds of God’s most awesome creations—the heavens, the human body, and some of the largest creatures to ever roam the earth. For the 6,500 children attending, many of whom are unchurched, this will be a VBS they will never forget. I am grateful for the Institute for Creation Research and the help provided to develop Creation Expo….

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