We have seen that a number of the arguments which have been used to convince people that evolution took place don’t really show evolution at all. Likewise, just reading a school textbook, you would probably get the impression that there are all kinds of instances of evolution going on in our time. Examine more text books, however, and you will notice that the same few examples are repeated again and again in the various books, and others are only inferred.

Let’s examine these commonly used “proofs” that evolution is going on today to see what they show and what they don’t show, since what is not included is probably as significant as what is. For example, a great deal of research has been carried out for many years on the Drosophila, a fruit fly, and on the E. coli bacteria, both of which produce new generations so rapidly that millions of generations have been studied and the mutations recorded. In the case of the fruit flies, the mutations, when not fatal, frequently caused visible defects such as the loss of wings or eyes, but all the fruit flies remained fruit flies and the bacteria remained bacteria. While this research has added to our knowledge about mutations and heredity, not one of the billions of individuals studied has ever evolved into a more complex life form, or provided other evidence that would serve to prove the theory of evolution. While evolutionists often refer to these studies, they don’t include them among the text book examples of evolutionary progress in our time.

What are the examples of evolution taking place today that evolutionist authors consider good enough to include? Here they are, judge them for yourself….

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