Another Chinese fossil has made the news.  This time it is the twelve inch long fossil of a lizard that appeared to be within days of giving live birth to more than a dozen baby lizards.

The report claims that the fossil dates from the Cretaceous period approximately 120 million years ago making this the oldest known fossil of a pregnant terrestrial lizard.  The fossil is so well preserved that researchers were able to clearly identify at least fifteen baby lizards along with their tiny teeth within the abdomen of the parent.

According to evolutionists, only marine reptiles such as ichthyosaurs were believed to have given life birth to young that long ago.  Since only about 20% of snakes and lizards today give birth to live young, the trait is thought to be a much more recent evolutionary development.

The first and most obvious problem with the article is the assumed age of 120 million years.  The age was determined by the layer of rock it was found in and the layer of rock was classified as 120 million year old Cretaceous rock because of some of the fossils that were found within.

However, more and more today, index fossils used to date specific rock layers are being discovered to overlap other time periods, thus bringing their index status into question.

Their second erroneous assumption is to believe that the trait of live birth among reptiles is a modern evolutionary trait.  Only about 0.0025% of the fossil record is composed vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals).  Fish fossils make up the vast majority of the vertebrate fossils.  Terrestrial reptiles most likely make up less than 10% of the 0.0025% of vertebrate fossils.  Now consider that only 20% of lizards and snakes today give live birth, then the probability of finding a fossil of a live bearing reptiles is around 0.00005%.  To base an evolutionary construct of live birth among reptiles on such a low percentage of probability is not only weak, but extremely illogical.

However, had they started with the right foundation that God created all life about 6,000 years ago, and that He made some reptiles with the ability to give live birth and others to lay eggs, they wouldn’t have made such erroneous and fallible conclusions.  Starting with the truth of God’s Word as your foundation will always lead to a more logical conclusion to the evidence we find.


Gill, Victoria.  Fossil ‘Is First Pregnant Lizard’, BBC Nature, July 21, 2011.

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