A new study conducted by Yale University researchers claim that over a million years ago, the early mammalian ancestors were infected with genetic parasites.  The result was the transition of the uterus from laying eggs, like monotremes, to developing a womb and giving live birth.  Hence pregnancy is the result of a genetic parasite.

The team studied cells from opossum, armadillo and human uteruses.  They selected the opossum as they are marsupials and give birth two weeks after fertilization, unlike armadillos and humans.

They discovered over 1500 expressed genes in the armadillo and human uterus cells that were not expressed in the opossum.  In studying these expressed genes, they also discovered that they were regulated (turned on and off) by transposons.

Transposons are segments of DNA that can transpose or relocate themselves in various places throughout the genome.  According to the Yale researchers:

Transposons grow like parasites that have invaded the body, multiplying and taking up space in the genome… These transposons are not genes that underwent small changes over long periods of time and eventually grew into their new role during pregnancy.  They are more like prefabricated regulatory units that install themselves into a host genome, which then recycles them to carry out entirely new functions like facilitating maternal-fetal communication.

So if I understand them correctly, a number of transposons suddenly invaded our mammalian ancestors and almost overnight turned on over 1500 genes that changed the uterus from one that produces a yolk and shell to one that suddenly develops a placenta, amniotic sac and fluid and retains the developing fetus until it is time to give live birth.

I’m not sure if these researchers realize the amount of chemical and physiological changes required to convert an egg laying mammal into a placental live birth mammal.  It just sounds like another evolutionary fairy tale that someone has concocted to avoid the obvious evidence from science that we all have an infinitely wise and all-knowing Creator who designed mammals the way He wanted them to be designed.  He made some to lay eggs, some as marsupials and the rest use a placenta and give live birth.


Invasion of Genomic Parasites Triggered Modern Mammalian Pregnancy, Study Finds, Science Daily, Sept. 26, 2011.

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