For oil reserves, for distant starlight to reach the earth, and for God (who created time)

CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Dr David Catchpoole answer questions about whether oil is a renewable resource, a skeptic’s misunderstanding of creationist arguments, and how God can be outside time.

F.S. from Australia writes:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: oil formation

I have just been reading an article on ‘In The Days’ (which is a Biblical Prophesy site) about oil not being a fossil fuel and not being finite.

Ref: [ed.: references deleted as per feedback rules]

I have searched your information and have only found that some oil can be made from other rocks, like shale, but not that it is continually being made.

Could you please comment on the ‘renewability’ and ‘finiteness’ of oil?

from F.S….

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