Have you ever noticed that evolutionists deny a Creator God and state that there is no evidence of intelligence behind evolution?  They claim that evolution is based on random chance selection without any intelligence behind it.  Yet when you watch nature programs on television, they are constantly attributing a sense of intelligence and decision making abilities to many of the plants and animals.

I recall watching a nature program a few years back that described the evolutionary battle between a particular type of tree and the animals that browsed on them.  The narrator described how the trees needed to develop a defense mechanism to prevent the larger animals from eating too much of them, so the trees developed a toxin.  After the plants developed the toxin, the browsers quickly learned that they needed a way to counter the toxin, so they learned to start eating the youngest leaves first as they contained less toxin than the older leaves.  Over time the animals developed an immunity to the toxin and could eat from any of the leaves on the trees.  Now the plants once again realized they needed to develop a new defense mechanism so they started growing thorns.  With the plants growing thorns, the animals developed a thicker layer on their tongues that were impervious to the small thorns.  In response, the plants grew longer and thicker thorns and that brought the evolutionary battle to modern day.

Recently I watched the BBC series, Life. On the episode that dealt with plants, over and over they described how the plants learned about the environment around them and then they learned how to control and manipulate the animals needed for pollination.  The plants decided that they needed to develop certain traits in order to survive.  They made it sound like the plants actually made a conscious decisions to change and develop new traits.  Here are some examples from that episode (emphasis mine):

“But plants do not live by water and light alone.  Some have learned to hunt.”

“The soil in the water-logged bog is completely lacking in nitrogen which all plants need.  But these strange looking plants have learned how to get it another way.”

“The Venus flytrap, like the sundew, it makes itself very beautiful at least to a bug.

“Like most flowers, sunflowers establish a close relationship in order to insure reproduction.”

“While many plants enlist the help of a single species to procreate, under certain conditions, a plant may be forced to recruit a team of accomplices.”

“The sandhill milkweed blooms every spring in the sandy meadows of Florida.  It synchronizes its flowering with the arrival of monarch butterflies migrating here from Mexico.”

“Although the milkweed has paid a heavy price, in the end it got exactly what it wanted.”

“Over their long evolutionary history plants have become experts at using animals for their own means.  Some with a shrewdness that seems almost human.”

“Here on the Caribbean island of Dominica, there’s a plant so manipulative it actually enslaved its pollinator. …Why you may ask does a plant hide its nectar when nectar is the key to pollination?  Because the heliconia is something of a control freak.  The purple throated Carib hummingbird with its long curved beak and tongue is the only local bird that can reach the sweet food. So the heliconia rations the amount of nectar it produces to force the bird into returning to the flower time and time again. …And because the plant controls the supply, it is the master in this relationship.”

“Plants have many ways to insure that relations with their offspring with their offspring don’t become too competitive.  And where travel by air isn’t an option, plants do what comes all to naturally, they exploit animals.”

“The Sonoran desert of Arizona is home to a plant that makes use of more than just a few helpful assistants, it employs an entire entourage.”

“For a plant to thrive in an arid desert is a surprising feat of adaptation, but plants have found ways to weather even harsher conditions.”

“Long before there were birds and bees to help them reproduce.  Long before there were tortoises to spread their seed and people to cultivate them for food, plants blanketed the earth.  For almost 500 million years they’ve been re-inventing themselves, exploiting their world in order to survive it.”

Over and over the very people that deny any evidence of an intelligent Designer are placing the very same intelligence to the world of nature around them.  Whether they realize it or not, they continue to provide evidence of an all knowing and all wise Creator God who told us about his marvelous Creation in Genesis 1 and 2.

Plants that think?  Not really, although I often feel that the evolutionists often give plants more intelligence and ability to think than they themselves have.

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