Here we go again folks!  The rock solid facts of evolution aren’t as rock solid after all.  The site of human origins is once again bouncing to another new location.  It’s kind of like watching a game of ping pong with the ball of human origins bouncing back and forth, here and there.

For years the evolutionary paradigm of human origins insisted that early man originated around the Rift Valley area of Eastern Africa.  Then later last year it was reported that the earliest evidence for man had been found in Israel (Israeli Scientist “This Changes the Whole Picture of Evolution”).  Now according to a recent BBC News article, early man originated in southern Africa. 

Dr. Brenna Henn from Stanford University studied the amount of genetic diversity found in 27 modern day African populations.  She found that those populations from southern Africa contained a greater amount of diversity than those from the more northern populations. 

Based upon the Founder Principle, which states that amount of genetic variation decreases when a new population is established by a small number of individuals from a larger parent population, Dr. Henn concluded:

Populations in southern Africa have the highest genetic diversity of any population, as far as we can tell.   So this suggests that this might be the best location for (the origins) of modern humans.

In commenting on Dr. Henn’s work, Dr. Chris Stringer, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum in London stated:

The new paper… suggests that the genes of the Namibian and Khomani bushmen (southern Africa), Biaka pygmies (Central Africa) and the Sandawe (East Africa) appear to be the most diverse, and by implication these are the most ancient populations of Homo sapiens.

In his conclusion, Dr. Stringer went on to say that he no longer accepted a single Garden of Eden origin for the evolution of man. 

This is what I love about evolution and evolutionists.  Over and over I hear them say that evolution is true, it’s been proven, and it’s a fact.  Modern man evolved in Africa a couple hundred thousand years ago and migrated out from there.  Then modern man originated in Israel nearly 400,000 years ago and migrated into Africa and the rest of the world.  Most recently, there may be evidence that modern man originated in southern Africa and migrated north.  It seems there facts are bouncing all over the place.

When you build your foundations on shifting sands, it is inevitable that the building you erected will eventually be washed or blown away with different prevailing tides and winds.  But when you build your foundations high upon solid rock, your structure can withstand the test of time and the storms that assail against it. 

Evolution’s foundation is built upon the shifting sands of human reasoning and assumptions about what they think happened in the past.  As different discoveries prevail against those foundations, they soon find themselves having to shore up their building with more and more new material. 

However, when you start with the rock solid unchanging foundation of God’s Word, your building will remain strong and secure and will stand against the gusts of speculation and waves of assumption.  And that foundation tells us that God created Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam’s rib a mere 6,000 years ago.  The evolutionists have found scientific evidence that supports this (Mother of All Humans Lived 6,000 Years Ago) but they continue to refuse to accept its evidence as tact.  Not only were Adam and Eve modern humans (Homo sapiens), but they were the progenitors of all of mankind that has ever walked upon the face of the earth which means that any discovery such as the one in Israel needs to be interpreted in light of God’s Truth and biblical record of mankind’s origins.


Kinver, Mark, Early Humans began in Southern Africa, Study Suggests, BBC News, March 8, 2011.

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