Persecuted for Christ they had to flee
In wooden ships across the sea
With little more than faith and prayer
For their new life they did prepare

Sacrificing family, friends and all
The safety of their hallowed hall
For chance to worship as they’re lead
Freely to partake of the wine and bread

Landing upon our eastern shore
For God’s direction they did implore
Starting new in this strange land
They put their trust in God’s hand

Building homes and planting ground
Raising their voices a joyful sound
Harvest small they gathered in
Knowing the winter would see them thin

Four men sent to gather fowl
Trying to stave off stomach’s growl
Returning with their feathered meat
They knew God provided a tasty treat

Wanting to add their part to the stew
The Indians for game did start to pursue
Returning with great smile and cheer
They offered up their five deer

With harvest in and meat supplied
Some they cooked, some they dried
Grinding grain for which to bake
Some for bread, some for cake

Thanking God for what they had
To do so freely they were glad
Indian and Pilgrim they knelt to pray
So long ago that Thanksgiving Day.

Written by: R.L. David Jolly

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