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  • Big Bang Antimatter Problem Deepens

    The most precise measurements ever show that particles and their antiparticles are perfect mirror images of each other. Protons and anti-protons are alike in every way; just don’t bring them together or they will annihilate each other. They differ only … Continue reading

  • Best Pro-Life Argument May Be from Intelligent Design

    On the heels of Dr. Michael Egnor’s excellent article yesterday, “Science Deniers Notwithstanding, Human Life Begins at Conception,” take just a few minutes to watch this eloquent TED Talk by mathematician Alexander Tsiaras. Click on the image above to get … Continue reading

  • Science Deniers Notwithstanding, Human Life Begins at Conception

    In the scientific debates of our day, it’s important to distinguish debates about scientific facts from debates about the ethical or metaphysical consequences of scientific facts. That human life begins at conception is a scientific fact, and has been recognized … Continue reading

  • The world of butterflies

    What is the fascination of butterflies? Why study them? What features do they exhibit which are not found in other insects? Do they provide evidence for creation? Let’s enter the captivating world of these beautiful insects and find out. Butterflies … Continue reading

  • Snakes with Legs?

    As weird as it may sound, some snakes had legs. Fossils reveal little legs on ancient snakes that have apparently been extinct for some time. Yet, those had only hind legs. Now, in the journal Science researchers describe a new … Continue reading

  • Does a Distant Galaxy Show Star Formation?

    Some scientists refer to certain dust and debris clouds in galaxies as star “incubators” because they think stars form naturally within them. But since the formation of a star from a compacted cloud would take far too long to observe … Continue reading

  • Fossil pollen in Grand Canyon Overturns Plant Evolution

    Finding fossil pollen grains in rock classed as ‘Precambrian’ (long before seed plants are thought to have evolved) is as devastating to the whole evolutionary framework as finding a human bone in a Carboniferous coal seam. Geologist Dr Clifford Burdick, … Continue reading

  • Natural Selection, ‘Engine of Evolution,’ May Actually Inhibit Evolution, Scientists Find

     A team of American and British scientists has published a new report detailing how natural selection, “the engine of evolution,” can actually prevent evolution from happening—a potentially devastating setback for evolutionists. Natural selection, a term first popularized by Charles Darwin, … Continue reading

  • Why Christianity?

    Occasionally we receive some very basic questions about Christian belief and theology, and the answers can be educational for Christians, because they are questions everyone should be able to answer as we witness to people around us. Malik G., U.S., … Continue reading

  • Science Illiteracy Watch: Genetic Literacy Project Pushes “Plant Rights”

    The Genetic Literacy Project’s slogan is “science over ideology.” Apparently, that’s a crock, as a post on the site pushes “plant rights.” From “Are Plants Sentient Beings with Rights?,” by Jeremy Hance: Plants are intelligent. Plants deserve rights. To most … Continue reading

  • No Animal Is a “Who”

    In referring to animals, I sometimes in an unthinking way find myself using the word “who.” But I always try to catch myself, and change to “that.” The personalizing expression “who” should be reserved strictly for humans, since only a … Continue reading

  • Hands up for creation!

    One morning I energetically participated in rowing practice. With seven other oarsmen I pulled my hardest on the oar to move the boat briskly through the water. As soon as the practice was through, I was contacted by a nearby … Continue reading

  • The Birmingham Qur’an Fragment: What should Christians Think?

    The BBC reports that some fragments of the Qur’an found at Birmingham University are among the world’s oldest.1 But it may be too soon for any definitive statements about the nature of this manuscript. The facts The parchment of the manuscript … Continue reading

  • Jesus Lizard Runs on Water, Tramples Evolution

    Jesus lizards literally run across the surface of ponds in Central and South America. According to evolutionary thinking, all reptiles—snakes, turtles, gavials, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, chameleons, skinks, and Jesus lizards—descended from an unknown original reptilian form. What evidence might demonstrate this? … Continue reading

  • Nuclear Physicist Declares: ‘Science Will Never Contradict The Bible’

    STELLENBOSCH, South Africa – An accomplished nuclear physicist has recently expressed outspoken support for the Genesis creation account, arguing that the evolutionary worldview “fails dismally” in its description of scientific realty. Dr. Brandon van der Ventel is a nuclear physicist with a … Continue reading

  • A Real Jurassic World?

    The Jurassic World movie, though thrilling to watch, comes packed with fictional ideas like de-extinction, designer creatures, and iron somehow preserving dinosaur DNA indefinitely. But how would the world respond if live dinosaurs were verified to scientists’ satisfaction? In 1980 and 1981 … Continue reading

  • Magnetic News

    Magnetism is an important force in astronomy, planetary science and life. Here are news items involving magnets and magnetic fields. These are offered for interested researchers. One should keep a distinction between observation and hypothesis, especially when dealing with theories … Continue reading

  • Massive Wall and Gate Found at Goliath’s Hometown

    Excavations at Gath confirm Biblical history in multiple ways. Tell es-Safi, Biblical Gath of the Philistines, has yielded secrets buried beneath the dusts of time. Most recently, a large city wall and gate—one of the largest ever found in Israel—has … Continue reading

  • If the foundations be destroyed

    Consistent failure has been seen in the fight to present intelligent design in the public school systems of America, with courts continually finding any criticism of evolution, or positing of an alternate theory of origins, a violation of the First … Continue reading

  • Trafficking in Human Parts Nothing New

    Shocking videos of abortionists selling baby body parts is only the latest in a long line of Darwinian ethical barbarities. It always starts with good intentions. Biomedical researchers just want to help people. That’s how eugenics began; it’s embedded in … Continue reading

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