The article below boasts about a new dinosaur track discovered that is supposedly 9 million years older than any known dinosaur.  After reading the article, I would highly recommend you read In the footsteps of giants.   Also note that all they have is a fossilized track, but from that footprint, they have an artist’s drawing of what the dino-like creature looked like.  This is typical for evolutionists who regularly draw conclusions from little to sometimes no information on which to do so.

The first dinosaur-like creatures emerged up to nine million years earlier than previously thought.

That is the conclusion of a study on footprints found in 250 million-year-old rocks from Poland.

Writing in a Royal Society journal, a team has named the creature that made them Prorotodactylus.

The prints are small – measuring a few centimetres in length – which suggests the earliest dinosaur-like animals were about the size of domestic cats.

They would have weighed at most a kilogram or two, they walked on four legs and they were very rare animals.

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