Recent article claims the dinosaur eggs containing well preserved embryos are about 190 million years old.  There is nothing in the article to indicate how or where they obtaind that age.  I can only guess that they made the age assumption based on either the presumed age of the rock strata where the dino eggs had been found or on the type of dino indicated by the embryo.

Additionally, take note that they use this dino embryo to describe the ‘evolution’ of long necked dinosaurs.  There is no proof of evolution here.  If nothing else, it may show the diversification within this group of dinosaurs, but species diversification actually supports a biblical creation model of life, and not a evolution.  See prior articles on species.

Eggs with the oldest known embryos of a dinosaur found

Palaeontologists have identified the oldest known dinosaur embryos, belonging to a species that lived some 190 million years ago.

The eggs of Massospondylus, containing well-perserved embryos, were unearthed in South Africa back in 1976.

The creature appears to be an ancestor of the family that includes the long-necked dino once known as Brontosaurus….

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