Oldest Animal on Earth

Once again we have evolutionists claiming to have found man’s earliest ancestor.

Otavia antiqua as it has been named is a microscopic sponge-like organism that was recently discovered in rocks from Namibia.  Supposedly, these rocks date back to about 760 million years ago, making it the oldest living metazoan animal ever discovered.

The article states:

The small organisms, known as Otavia antiqua, were found inside of a 760-million-year-old rock in Namibia and could very well have been the first multicellular animals to emerge on the planet, researchers say.  That means all animal life–from the precursors to the dinosaurs to the dinosaurs themselves to modern humans–could potentially draw a line straight back to Otavia. It also means that animal life likely emerged tens of millions of years earlier than we previously thought it did.

An interesting comment in the article stated that it appears that Otavia did not evolve much if at all for at least 200 million years.

Isn’t it interesting to hear that the supposed ancestor to every animal on earth including man, failed to evolve for such a long time.  They even admit that it may not have even needed to evolve any further, but wouldn’t that be a problem if it was supposed to be the ancestor to so many different animals?

If I do my math right, evolutionists have a huge problem to overcome.  Otavia lived from 760 million years ago to 560 million years ago without evolving at all.  If you do a little Internet searching, you will discover that the first vertebrates supposedly date back to 510 million years ago.  That means that Otavia had to have suddenly ignited the evolutionary afterburners to have evolved from the microscopic organism to the first known vertebrates in only 50 million years, which in evolutionary terms is would be an absolute miracle.

Biblically speaking, I can’t tell you exactly what the oldest known animal is, but I can tell you that it was either something that swam in the ocean or flew in the air.  What I can tell you is that it wasn’t 760 million years ago, but only about 6000 years ago.  The reason I say all that is because I have the eyewitness account of the only One present who created the first animal life and that eyewitness account can be found in Genesis 1.


Dillow, Clay.  Found: The Oldest Animal Ever on Planet Earth, Popular Science, Feb 10, 2012.

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