Does the Bible teach any sort of a ‘gap’ of millions/billions of years in the first few verses of Genesis? Is there such a thing as a universal ‘knock down’ argument against evolution? Dr Carl Wieland answers these questions and more in today’s feedback.

Dear Mr H./Dear Daniel

Dear Editors:

On your “Feedback” page in the Jan.-Mar. 2011 issue your retort to Mr. Kass’s letter was, “There is no time gap allowed by the text”. And the text he mentions in his letter is Gen. 1:1–2. Well, as a 78 year old Bible-student/scientist, I have to tell you that you are dead wrong.

CW: I have to gently and humbly point out that you will likely discover otherwise, if you bear with me. Had you been familiar with the many things we have written on this subject of the various ‘gap theories’, I doubt that you would have been anywhere near as confident in making such a bold assertion. I would like to indicate that none of my response is in any spirit of disrespect.

Your stance is easy to understand, as many people of the generation preceding mine (which you would just qualify for) grew up in an era when the standard ‘gap theory’ was very much part of the ‘background milieu’ for many churchgoers, especially those with some exposure to scientific claims. Its popular status was reinforced by its inclusion in the study notes of two Bibles popular in the era, the Scofield Bible, and Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible. From there, a number of ‘variants’ arose, placing the alleged ‘gap’ elsewhere. And finally, what you seem to hold to, the one we have dubbed the ‘soft gap’ theory. Let’s go back to the traditional Gap Theory (GT) first.

Its status, as will be seen, was less on the basis of actual study of the Hebrew (and all the verses relevant to the issue) than on the belief that it somehow solved the alleged problems of the long ages then being claimed by geologists. Which, again respectfully to those who held it in ages past with the best of intentions, it never did….

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