Evolutionary theory accepts without question that nonlife can become life (simple and gradually more complex) by a process taking place over millions of years of time guided by nothing more than random chance events.

What do observable evidence and logic tell us? The observation made when we examine living things is that all life originates from life which already exists–life comes from preexisting life. This is commonly known in the field of biology as the “law of biogenesis.”

The cell is described by biologists as the basic unit of life. No scientist has ever observed a cell originating from nonliving raw materials by spontaneous processes. Even controlled experimentation by the advanced technology of our day has never been able to produce a living cell. Cells can only come from cells that are already in existence.

Multicellular organisms never arise spontaneously from nonliving material. The perpetuation of life can only take place as living things beget a new generation of living things. Plants produce seed which produce new plants of the same kind; cats produce kittens which develop into mature cats. Life can only originate from life which already exists. This is powerful evidence that clearly supports the law of biogenesis and clearly contradicts the evolutionary view.

Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland, The Evolution Conspiracy, pp. 85- 86

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