Some realities of nature are so common that we don’t even stop to ask why. Like round trees.

Why don’t we find square tree trunks or triangular shapes in nature? Many obvious details, such as round trunks, are often overlooked. If we’d just pause a moment to consider the scientific reason for their existence, we might discover new reasons to praise our Creator.

Trees are round primarily because the wood layers grow outward from the center in all directions. Growing in the shape of a cylinder has a big benefit. It seems to be optimum for tree strength against stress on the top of the tree from wind and heavy branches.

A rounded tree bends more easily than a flat-sided tree. A cylinder bends equally in all directions, depending on the wind. In contrast, a square tree trunk would be vulnerable at its corners. The corners would not bend but simply break in heavy winds. Telephone poles and light posts are round for a reason (see experiment)!

Room for Improvement?

The rounded tree shape has other benefits, too. For instance, it minimizes the outside surface exposure to injury or infestation. Round trees have one disadvantage, however—not for the trees but for modern loggers. The problem is waste.

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