From: James S

Is there genetic evidence that all who are alive today are descended from the family of Noah?


James, I appreciate you contacting us with your question about genetic evidence indicating that we are all descendants of Noah’s family. 

Various studies of the human genome have yielded evidence that the entire human race is descended from two people only a few thousand years ago.  Secondly there is genetic evidence of a massive bottleneck in human history which would be expected as a result of the Genesis Flood.  Lastly, there may also be evidence of a one-time dispersion of the human population after the genetic bottleneck. 

Dr. Robert Carter with Creation Ministries International wrote an excellent article on this subject that I would highly recommend: Adam, Eve and Noah vs Modern Genetics.

I would also recommend a DVD the Creation Ministries International produced of a talk that Dr. Carter gave called Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 “Daughters of Noah”.  Unfortunately, our bookstore does not carry this DVD, so I have provided the link to the CMI bookstore where you can obtain it from.

Magnetic Field and Gravity

 From: Alan B

I once heard that the earth has a magnetic half-life and that if one extrapolates backward over the millennia of time imagined by the evolutionists the earth becomes a black hole as the gravitational forces increase. Is this a scientific verifiable fact? Does the earth have a gravitational half-life?


Alan, I appreciate your question about the earth’s magnetic field and gravity. 

I will be the first to admit that physics is not one of my areas of knowledge or expertise.  Rather than spend hours trying to reword the works of more knowledgeable people in that field, I have listed below some articles that best provide answers to your questions.  I pray that you find them helpful.

The earth’s magnetic field: evidence that the earth is young

by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Young

by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field: Closing a Loophole in the Case for its Youth

by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.


By Don DeYoung, Ph.D.


From: Anonymous

Mr. Jolly, what makes you such an authority on so many topics?  What is your educational background? What are your qualifications?


I’ve been asked this question on more than one occasion.  First of all, I don’t claim to be an expert in any one field.  However, over the years I have been able to acquire a broad knowledge in a number of different fields, partly from studies and partly as a result of the various positions I have held in creation ministry.

From my very first memories to the time I got married and left home, my father taught me a great deal about nature, wildlife and plants.  He taught me to study my surroundings and observe the habits of birds and animals.  He taught me how to track animals, identify bird calls and animals sounds, identify animal droppings, look for signs of where animals had been bedding down and what plants they fed on.  He taught me everything he had learned about God’s creation. 

As a result, I developed a love for the outdoors and nature.  In junior and senior high school, I studied biology and nature related subjects.  In college, I pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology from Arizona State University.   At the time I attended ASU, the wildlife biology degree had more degree required credits than any other degree in the Liberal Arts Program.  In addition, the wildlife biology degree was further divided between an emphasis in wildlife and fisheries.  I took all of the classes for both wildlife and fisheries.  I conducted field studies on desert bighorn sheep in southeastern Arizona and a parasite study on desert bighorn sheep throughout southern Arizona.   While conducting lab analysis to determine the possibility of a parasitic lungworm infection, I was able to cut a 24 hour process down to 12 hours while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.  I also spent time working with and volunteering for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 

After graduating from ASU, I deeply desired to continue my education and pursue a graduate degree.  One of my professors at ASU was moving on to another university and offered me the chance to come and work on a special graduate project.  However, my duties as a husband and father dictated that I worked full time to support them. 

During the time I was working in the real world, I had the opportunity to attend a small local seminary for 2 years.  I studied Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek and learned enough to use the tools to help me understand Scripture and also enough to know that I wasn’t an expert at either.  Besides the basic seminary courses, one of my favorites was a study of the culture at the time of Christ.  Learning about the customs and culture of the time helped make so much of the New Testament come alive and more meaningful.

Seventeen years after graduating from ASU, I prayed that God would use me.  I told Him no matter where, no matter what, just use me.  He answered my prayers in a way completely unexpected.  I found the doors opening for me to attend the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School.  At that time, the ICR program was fully accredited.  At ICR, I earned a Master of Science Degree in Biology.  My thesis was based on the claim that the Mediterranean Gecko was proof of evolution because of it colonizing new habitats via the Founder Principle.  Since there had only been one life history conducted on this little gecko in the U.S. since its introduction in 1907, and the fact that they were plentiful where I lived in Arizona, I conducted the second life history study ever done in the U.S. along with a literature research of the Founder Principle and related topics in population genetics.  My research resulted in the possibility of defining a speciation or subspeciation event. 

One of my favorite classes at ICR was molecular biology of the cell.  That class more than any other demonstrated the miraculous creation of our Almighty God.  I found the molecular complexity of the cell to be extremely fascinating and the best scientific evidence for biblcial creation I had ever seen.  This class launched my further studies on cellular biology which is what provided the impetus for the series on the Simple Cell.

Before completing my master’s degree, I was hired by Answers in Genesis.  During my 11 years with AiG, I served as personal assistant to Ken Ham.  In that role, I conducted much of the research for his writings and speaking.  I assisted Ken in a number of his books and articles for Creation magazine.  For approximately 4 years I also wrote the scripts for his daily 90 second radio programs.  While working as Ken’s assistant, I also created the Information Department (later re-named the Answers Department) that was responsible for providing answers to the thousands of questions the ministry received via telephone, snail mail and e-mail.  I eventually trained others to take over this department.  I later served as the research coordinator for the Creation Museum and was directly involved in the production of the 50+ videos and signage through the museum.  During this 11 year tenure I had to do extensive reading in a variety of fields to gain the necessary information.  I also had the privilege of having to access leading scientists and theologians from around the world.  The Scriptures repeatedly instruct us to seek the counsel of wise men and women, which I took full advantage of.  Through my 11 years with AiG, I gained a great deal of knowledge in a number of areas, yet the one thing I learned is that there is always others that know more than I do.

So often I hear people equate qualifications with the amount of formal education or degrees a person has.  While this may be partially true, it is not the only measure of a person’s knowledge or qualification.  Allow me to explain by telling you about a very special man named Loren.

While I was attending ASU, I often went to study in the Animal Resource Center, partially because it was quieter than many other places on campus and partially because I enjoyed being surrounded by all the animals.  Loren pretty much ran the ARC since he cared for all of the animals there.  Loren never finished high school and was frequently looked down upon by the Ph.D. professors in the department.  They all felt and acted as if they knew so much more than Loren did because of their degrees. 

One Friday morning, a group of those Ph.D.s came into the ARC and sat at a table next to mine.  They were from ASU, the University of Arizona in Tucson and Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  They sat there complaining that they had spent 4 nights trying to catch wolf spiders in the dry river bed near campus and never caught a single one.  Loren laughed at them and said wolf spiders are easy to catch.  Of course that annoyed the profs, so they challenged him to back up what he said. 

That night Loren, the 5 profs, myself and a friend of mine from school all drove down into the river bed.  The lead vehicle suddenly stopped as they had spotted a wolf spider in the road.  By the time they got out of their cars, the spider had run down a nearby hole.  One of the profs commented that this is what had happened all 4 nights.  With as much flare and pomp as he could muster, Loren told them to watch the hole, while he retrieved a box of plastic baggies and a long narrow bladed spade.  Loren sauntered over to the hole, pulled out a baggie, blew into it and proudly placed it over the hole with a couple of rocks on the edges.  He then took the spade and drove it down into the dirt about a foot behind the hole.  As soon as the spade went into the ground, the wolf spider ran out of the hole and into the baggie.  Loren grabbed the baggie, handed it and the spade to one of the ASU pros and told him that he wanted it all back in the ARC when they were done.  Needless to say, the profs were furious that this high school dropout had showed them up and in front of us students as well. 

On another occasion, the federal authorities at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix had confiscated a shipment of parrots, macaws and love birds that had been illegally smuggled into the country.  They housed the birds at the ARC until a final disposition could be arrange.  One of my profs came into the ARC and told Loren that he was going to borrow the big red macaw and take it to his office to study.  The prof was wearing a pair of regular leather work gloves.  Loren suggested he use the heavy monkey gloves as macaws can bite a finger in two and the gloves the prof had wouldn’t be much protection.  The prof rebuked Loren and told him that he knew what he was doing.  He reached in and let the macaw perch on his hand.  Before he reached the door, the macaw reached down and grabbed onto the prof’s finger with its powerful beak.  The prof didn’t want to give any indication that he was wrong and Loren was right so he grit his teeth and went to his office.  The next day he had his finger in a splint.  When we asked, he told us that he caught it in the car door. 

Besides working at the ARC, Loren and his family had a side business.  In their house were over a million scorpions.  Loren, his wife and his daughters milked the scorpions for their venom and then sold it to various companies.  Some of the companies used it to create antivenom for scorpion stings and others used the toxin for medical research.  I spent many hours at Loren’s house helping them milk the scorpions.

Where did Loren get all of his knowledge and expertise?  It definitely wasn’t through a formal education.  He read a lot and learned by observation and on the job training.  He also claimed that it required common sense which many Ph.D.s seemed to lack. 

I offer this along with the confidence that the owners of Creation Revolution have placed in me as my qualifications to serve as editor-in-chief for this website.

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