The Duke’s Laws, Feb 28, 1665:  Whereas, the public worship of God is much discredited for want of painful [serious] and able ministers to instruct the people in the true religion, it is ordered that a church shall be built in each parish, capable of holding two hundred persons; that ministers of every church shall preach every Sunday, and pray for the king, queen, the Duke of York, and the royal family; and to marry persons after legal publication of license. . . .

Sunday is not to be profaned by traveling, by laborers, or vicious persons. . . .Church wardens to report twice a year all misdemeanors, such as swearing, profanes, Sabbath-breaking, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, and all such abominable sins.

Hastings, Hugh, Ecclesiastical Records, State of New York, James B. Lyon, State Printer, Albany, NY, 1901, Vol. 1, p. 570.

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