Evolutionists are always pointing to some kind of change either within a species or in newly discovered species that they claim to be the result and often proof of evolution.  Such is the case of a newly discovered species of rat found in the rainforest of southern Sulawesi Island, a large island in Indonesia.

The new species of rat, Paucidentomys vermidax, is extremely unique among rodents as it does not have typical rodent incisors that give them the ability to gnaw and chew.  Instead, these rats, also do not have molars, but do have bicuspid upper incisors instead.

Observations in the wild revealed that the rats would literally suck earthworms out of the ground using their elongated snouts.  Once removed from the ground, the rat would use its incisors to bite the earthworm into small pieces, then spit them out so it could then slurp up the contents of the worm.

The Order Rodentia is characterized by the enlarged and continually growing front incisors in both upper and lower jaws.  Of the over 2,200 known species of rodents, this newly discovered rat is the one and only rodent missing the characteristic front incisors.

Evolutionists are looking at this rare rat and describing it as a product of evolution because it has changed and adapted to its environment.  They equate adaption with evolution, but they fail to realize that adaptation of this kind is the antithesis of evolution.  Senior curator of mammals at the Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Rowe, one of the co-authors of the report, said:

This is an example of how species, when faced with a new ecological opportunity, in this case an abundance of earthworms, can evolve the loss of traits that were wildly successful in previous circumstances.

Evolution requires an ever increasing amount of new genetic information, not a loss of information.  Rowe even admits the loss of traits, but has been so blinded by his faith, that he fails to recognize the contradiction in his statement and what he is professing.

From a biblical viewpoint, I would say that the loss of information, as in this case, is exactly what creationists predict as a result of the Fall and subsequent Curse to all of creation.  We see everything winding down, falling apart and losing information over time as a result of 6,000 years of the Curse, and this is exactly what we see.


Rannals, Lee.  New Rat Species Unable To Chew And Gnaw, Red Orbit, Aug. 23, 2012.

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