How many Matrix fans do we have out there? Do you remember the moves that Keanu Reeves’ character Neo would make to avoid a bullet or the punches of his enemies?

Now think about every time you go to swat a fly and miss. How many times have you wondered to yourself how the fly escaped or avoided your attempt to swat them?

The Flight Artists group at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands held a contest for amateur filmmakers who had been taught the use of high-speed cameras. A pair of biologists from the University of Washington and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute submitted an entry for the contest.

The biologists study fruit flies in their work at the colleges so they used them as the subject of their film entry. What they captured has given the world a never before seen look into the Neo acrobatics used by the fruit flies to escape danger. Watch the video below several times and carefully watch the how the flies maneuver their escape.

As you watched the video, did you realize that it was captured with a high speed camera that allows us to see what happened in ultra slow motion? If you were to view the same video at normal speed, you’d never be able to see the Neo-like moves of the fly. In fact, in real life, the flies move so fast that when you go to swat them, it’s like one second they’re here and the next second they’re gone. You rarely see them actually lift off and fly away because they are able to move so quickly.

Many people believe that flies are nothing but pests, but they all have a beneficial role in nature and evidently God has given them a special high speed escape mechanism to help them survive.
Dillow, Clay, Video: How Flies Somersault to Safety Just Before You Swat Them, Popular Science, Jan 19, 2012.

Lightlings – DVD

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