By R. L. David Jolly

According to evolutionists, Neanderthals were a race of early humans that lived from about 600,000 years ago to about 30,000 years ago.  They also believe that since they lived so long ago that they were primitive and not very smart.

If you watch any movies or television shows, they always portray Neanderthals as looking like some hairy ape man with big eyebrow ridges who grunt and point to each other to communicate.  Armed with primitive spears or just sticks, these primitive humans spend their time trying to kill animals for food and they are made to be smarter than the Neanderthals.

The name Neanderthal Man comes from the Neander Valley, near Düsseldorf, Germany.  In 1856, workers from a rock quarry discovered the first skeletal remains in the Feldhofer Cave.  In 1864, geologist William King suggested the name Neanderthal Man: Neander for the region and ‘thal’ meaning valley in German.

Yet over the years as more Neanderthal specimens have been found, we have learned that they were much smarter than evolutionists and the movies portrayed them to be.  Neanderthals buried their dead, carved jewelry and figurines, they made musical instruments, and painted elaborate and sometimes detailed paintings on cave walls.

In the latest discovery, a team of researchers from the University of York and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, have found evidence that Neanderthals knew and understood the medicinal properties of various food items.

To sum it all up, Neanderthals made music, knew how to cook, made jewelry, buried and honored their dead which suggests some type of religion, and they had a knowledge of medicine and medicinal plants.  To be honest, they sound a lot smarter than many people in the world today.

All this indicates that Neanderthals were not some primitive race of man, but rather they are smarter than a lot of people today.  They didn’t live 30,000 to 600,000 years ago either.  Genesis 6-8 tells us that God destroyed the entire earth and all life upon it, except for those that were saved on the Ark.  Only 8 people survived the Flood and got off the Ark.  That means that every person on the earth today is a descendant of those 8 people (Noah and his family).  And yes, that means that we are all related to some degree.

A couple hundred years after the Flood, everyone was gathered in one place, Babel, and they decided to build a tower to heaven.  God saw what they were doing and He confused the language which caused them to spread out across the earth in small people groups.

As the groups spread out, they only had each other to marry and raise children.  After only a few generations, each group developed their own physical characteristics because of the small genetic variation they each carried.  Some groups developed dark skin and dark curly hair.  Another group developed almond shaped eyes and a lighter skin.  Other groups developed very light skin and light hair.

One group in particular developed prominent eyebrow ridges and other features that made them look a little different than other groups.  This particular group of people traveled to what we call Europe.  Until they could build towns and villages, many of them took advantage of caves to live in.  Caves provide protection from the weather as well as from many animals and other humans.  Living in caves does not make someone primitive and there are a number of people today that build their homes in caves because it is so energy efficient.

Evolutionists try to tell you that Neanderthals died out and went extinct about 25,000 to 30,000 years ago.  Yet they have also found evidence of Neanderthal DNA in many people living today, which indicates that they were fully human and that they lived after the Genesis Flood.

So when you hear or read about Neanderthals, realize that they are just a group of people that lived and died in the Neander Valley of Germany several thousand years ago.  They are no different than Asians, Hispanics, American Indians, Australian Aborigines, Africans or any other ethnic group of people.  They weren’t stupid either and may have been smarter than a lot of people living today.


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