Evolutionary psychologists and anthropologists have trouble explaining living humans, let alone past ones.

Can’t tell a tough guy by his face:  Are the stereotypical wide-faced tough guys predictably mean?  Science Daily said not so; they actually might be more self-sacrificing.  “Existing research even supports this association, linking wider, more masculine faces with several less-than-cuddly characteristics, including perceived lack of warmth, dishonesty, and lack of cooperation,” the article began.  “But a new study suggests that men with these wide, masculine faces aren’t always the aggressive tough guys they appear to be.”  This implies that a new study overturned “existing research” that was considered by some to be authoritative at the time.  Although psychologists at University of St. Andrews believe their own predictions were confirmed, and they were able to place their results into an evolutionary story, it’s hard to believe that genes for face width have anything to do with genes for aggression, or that games played by students can be generalized to describe men around the world.

Hold that politically-correct report:  “New Studies challenge established views development of children raised by gay or lesbian parents,” announced a headline on Science Daily and PhysOrg.  A researcher at St. Louis University was very cautious to say, in these politically-charged times, that “Not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents.”  That disclaimer done, though, he proceeded to discount the science on which previous politically-correct findings have been made, such as by the American Psychological Association (APA).  “The jury is still out on whether being raised by same-sex parents disadvantages children”, Dr. Loren Marks said. “However, the available data on which the APA draws its conclusions, derived primarily from small convenience samples, are insufficient to support a strong generalized claim either way.”….

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