Medical missionary Dr Robert Gurney now believes in biblical creation and thinks that it is very important

Photos courtesy of Dr Gurney

Photos courtesy of Dr Gurney

CMI asked Dr Robert J.M. Gurney, medical doctor and missionary, and author of Six-Day Creation: Does it matter what you believe?, to share how he eventually came to accept a straightforward view of the time-frame of creation from the Bible and why he thinks that this is very important for Christians today.

From believing in ‘millions of years’ to trusting Genesis as written

I was born in Burma, where my parents were missionaries. In fact my mother was a fourth-generation missionary, and had been born in China. When I was nearly two years old, the Japanese invaded Burma, and we had to escape to India. My father joined the American army as a medical officer (although he was British!), and went back into Burma, where he remained until the end of the war.

I received Christ as my Saviour and Lord in 1950, at the age of ten. Like my parents, I believed that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God. This belief was confirmed and strengthened as I grew older. I was still at school when I began to be interested in the creation/evolution debate. I used to argue with the biology master about it, but he did not appreciate it! I joined the Evolution Protest Movement and corresponded with its general secretary A.G.Tilney. I remember telling him that the name of the society sounded rather negative, and something more positive might be an improvement. Although I rejected the theory of evolution, I tended to accept the ‘millions of years’.

Medical studies

I studied medicine at Bristol University, and while I was there I read The Genesis Flood in 1962. This book maintains A) that the Bible says the earth is only several thousand years old, and B) that the scientific evidence supports this. I found it fascinating, but in the years ahead I continued to be uncertain about this, thinking that the evidence for ‘millions of years’ was very strong. I never doubted the truth of Christianity—the wonders of creation and the historical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ were just two of the reasons for my lack of doubt….

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