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Morally Straight? The Transformation of the Boy Scouts of America

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155587893-300x193The comprehensive scope of the moral revolution America is currently experiencing is likely to surprise many Americans when they realize that the Boy Scouts are now swept up in the revolutionary tide.

Word came yesterday that the Boy Scouts of America is poised to change its policy preventing the participation of openly homosexual scouts and leaders. According to a spokesman for the Boy Scouts, the group may make the formal decision to end the policy as early as next week.

This announcement comes just six months after the B.S.A. board declared that it would not reconsider the policy. Deron Smith, B.S.A. national spokesman, said last July that a special committee established by the B.S.A. board had unanimously recommended keeping the policy. Smith said that the committee “came to the conclusion that this policy is absolutely the best policy for the Boy Scouts.”

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  • Emily

    Good Bye Boy Scouts!!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    “Like a trampled spring and a polluted well Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.” (Proverbs 25:26)

  • Patrick Henry

    I can NOT and will NOT support the Boy Scouts of America. If they are going to support homos then they will no longer get support from me. Another American Icon bites the dust due to obama nasty and immoral regime!!!

  • Fred

    Have to doubt, if the BSA does this, then they will have to take out of everything in their organization that relates to God.

    BSA has stood firm and held on to their strong moral beliefs and quality programs for all these years. They help to mold responsible, capable young men who grow up to be capable and trustworthy men, sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, uncles, granddads, etc.

    If they do this it will be the beginning of the end of BSA.

    My father was a scout and a leader and my son is a scout. My husband has vowed to stop contributing to the organization if they go this route.

    Let the people who choose to be homosexuals start their own organization modeled after the BSA if they wish, but do not let them bring what is a abomination to God into the BSA!

  • giley1

    Yes! America continues on that path of degredation of all of our values. Nothing is sacred when it comes to the liberal mindset. The Boy Scouts of America will not survive this. It looks like anything that goes public is open for assault.

  • End Time

    The BSA would best to disband rather than compromise their original mission statement!!

  • Billy Camota

    Moral revolution is nothing new, it’s been there since the beginning. God’ says that “what is wrong is always wrong and what is right is always right. I don’t know the reason behind BSA’s change of mind, but whatever it is, it is totally wrong. The Bible says to flee from immorality and that includes adulterers, fornicators, abusers, homosexuals and etc. This is an abomination of God’s will.

  • egalicki

    Might as well close them up – this is the goal of the homos (sodomites until recently) – Sodomites and their children interested in this kind of activity should start their own organization instead of corrupting an existing one.

    • far2right

      They already have one.

      It’s called NAMBLA.

  • far2right

    Call ’em the girly-boy scouts.

    Christians may as well replace the BSA with their own version.

    Eventually the BSA will be relegated to the ash heap of American history.

    Just exactly what the feminists want.

    Further wussification of the American male.

    • Ron

      Christians already have a replacement for the BSA. They have been around for many years and called the Royal Rangers. They were allowed to go where the BSA could not because the Rangers treated the areas and wildlife with more respect, even though the BSA were suppose to leave the area in better shape when they left. Society has adulterated the scouts. I belonged to the scouts as a child with then fond memories and to the Rangers as a leader with now loving memories.

      • far2right

        “…to do my duty to God and my country…”

        The BSA will need to scratch God out of the oath.

        • ttpog

          The atheists will see to that after the homos are through with them.

    • jmaclean93

      I have a cuz living in Switzerland for 20 years, says Europe already calls our army the US Gay Army! My question is, there is the Girl Scout, the Boy Scouts, why can’t there be a seperate Gay Scouts, seriously! They (Gays) would get more respect that way. It’s because the Left is trying to destroy American Values! There’s a Storm Coming! Soon!

      • Tout

        You never read the book written by Lord Robert Baden Powell who started the scouts. We knew him as a
        real hero(his devence in South Africa). Too bad his book “Scouting for boys” is no longer available. That book tells about Real Scouting; a real loss that it is no longer available. He clearly writes a chapter how scouts and God go together. Made my promise in 1932, am still a scout, alone as an immigrant. Visited Jamboree 1937 in Nederlands. Scouts slogan “Every day a good deed”

    • Tout

      Not a ash heap. Remembered in honor.

      • far2right

        The traditional BSA, yes.

        The new GBSA, ash heap.

  • agbjr

    I sent this letter to BSA National Council yesterday, January 29:

    I am twenty-five years a trained scoutmaster, proud to wear the uniform and proud to have mentored scores of Eagle Scouts. I work closely with our local public schools and churches to bring the lessons and values of Scouting to youth in our community. Our troop has often been profiled in local newspapers for outstanding community service and our Eagle
    Scouts publicly honored by local officials and organizations for their achievements.

    If the BSA National Council intends to compromise OUR stated traditional American values which have guided BSA since 1910 and thus bow to pressure from immoral outside activists and pandering politicians then the BSA will cease to exist as the nation’s premier youth organization and guardian of cherish American values. If BSA institutes such a policy change my conscience and fidelity to the Scout Oath dictates I must resign my membership and renounce this bastardization of Scouting rather than forward a policy of immorality and compromise.

    • jmaclean93

      The Boy Scouts are Done! If I had a son instead of daughters, I would Not allow him in an organisation with perverts! That’s the cold hard fact. And i know other parents who say the same thing. pre-teen & teen boys nothing about Homosexuality & don’t care! This is just another power move by the Communist Left to destroy family values and christian morals! Not to mention some Propaganda & Brainwashing! I was a Boy Scout and Proud of It, but Goodbye it’s over, within 5 years at the most!

      • kktex12

        I am advising my daughter to remove my grandson from Scouts if they go through with this submission to the amoral rejects of America.

      • Tout

        Scouting may be over as an organization. I learned “Once a scout, always a scout”(till death).Indeed, scouting may disappear. But a scout stays a scout for life, even when alone. I, immigrant, am not a member of any group, but I will be a scout till I die. Always willing to do a good deed. That’s why I started a yearly procession in our parish, why I prayed every 2 weeks openly at a Maria-statue in downtown, wear a wooden 3 cm cross over my sweater for all to see. And more public actions, alone. Scouting is for live, just like being a veteran of some war. Whatever will happen to scouting, I salute all other scouts. Till we die.

    • Scott Todd

      You sir, would be in an excellent position to create a suitable replacement for the BSA should this happen.

  • Charles Class

    I think the national executives must be afraid of losing big donations, leading to lower executive salaries.

  • J W Majors Majors

    Welcome to the new USA. United Sodomites of America. Time for God to go into Sodom mode.

  • jenersea

    In the end times, man will call evil good and good evil. Smith has sold out to Satan and Obozo and just wants to be in the lime light of the Obozo destruction of this country. I guess he believes that one of the greatest youth programs to ever exist should become a homosexual happy hunting grounds for NAMBLA. He should be made to explain why the real change of heart and the sell out after saying that they would stand on GOD’s side and now that the push for homosexual minority has been pushed to the forefront he wants that for the Scouts.

  • nevermadeeagle

    I have been in the scouting organization for over 35 yrs., have given willing my donations to the organization during all this time. If this change comes about the BSA will be no more, those who do believe in the honest training of our Young men to be upstanding American Citizens, will end their association with this God given program . Those up in upper management need to be released from that HOLY calling and then shot. If the gays and lesbians feel left out, then they can change their life style, and return to the normal fold as straight people, so their children and they could take part in this great program for the youth.

  • Jeff Knight

    After having spent much of my life supporting and being a part of BSA as a leader and teacher; having my son get his Eagle award and carrying on the tradition by being a counselor at summer camp for years. I find myself suffering regarding the “sell out” of the BSA to the homosexual lifestyle that they so successfully have defended. I am so heartbroken and disappointed. The loss of this organization is enormous. It cannot operate and meet its stated mission and will have no choice but to disband. Bayden Powell would be crushed. I will never put my uniform on again if they follow through with this decision. I won’t be a part of an institution that speaks from both sides of their mouth.

  • Loran Carlson

    Keeping ones faith with God is paramount. I was a scout, Cub to Boy Scout to Explorer to Order of the Arrow. Most of our meetings were held in churches. It’s very sad, but a church must obey God’s commands. His law and the Boy Scout oath do not allow for gay’s period. If a church has to deny scouting activities, so be it. God will prevail and tyranny by a minority will not prevail.

  • Christopher Lee Clifton

    BSA is looking at removing National Policy and leaving it to individual Chartered Organizations to make the call. Public schools will probably go with the change, where most Churches (all LDS units) will not. It is also possible that specialty groups may decide to charter their own all gay units. I have not heard what the World Organization of the Scouting Movement’s position is on this.

  • Seymour Kleely

    Liberalism gone too far! Some basic things should not be subject to change. It’s just common sense but I’m afraid too late. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Tout

      I repeat: Whatever one learned about scouting, never forget it. Scouting is not like just any other ‘habit’. A fine musician may some day have to stop playing. The proper scout-promise is for life. Am still an ‘old-scout’ at age 92. Still look out for ‘good deeds’. I worked for years and finally obtained a yearly procession to church for Mary-crowning, taken over by a lady who did a better job than mine: prayer, singing, carrying Mary-statue to church (I was 88). Yes, I am still a scout..

  • JoJo58

    If this was just about homosexuals feeling left out they would have created their OWN scouting organization. This is nothing more than a way to break down another organization that represents social values in our society. Atheists and the LGBT community have joined forces and are throwing everything they’ve got at religion and any organization they feel they need to eliminate to push their agenda.

    SHAME on the churches and boy scout executives that caved to the homosexual community. My son is an Eagle Scout, and I’m horrified over this decision which I think was made for financial reasons. I will not support the scouts in ANY way, and when I see scouts trying to sell their popcorn or Christmas trees, I will let them know exactly why I won’t support them.

    Money talks.

  • robertdavidhummel

    I feel privileged to have earned rank of Scout 1st Class, along with the several merit badges….then later Becoming a Scout Master while serving in the Military both on the MainLand as well as Overseas. I find it unfathonable that the Moral and Ethical Foudation of Scouting is Subjecting the core to aBibical Sin….in Direct Contravention with the Scout Oath, Laws and Motto. May God Forgive the Adult Leadership and any and ALL Christian(???)’s,, that adhere to the Sin of a FEW, over Many Christian Conservatives that will cause the LOSS of a Accountable Christian Community Service.

    • Tout

      Please, realize, once a scout, always a scout; till you die. I made promise in 1932. I am a scout, tho all alone since I came to Canada 1953. I am an ‘old-scout’ till I die. Doing good deeds (e.g. started yearly procession to church for Mary-crowning in church at age 88) and other public deeds, alone. If you made your pledge as Rover, its for life !

  • Jim Pixley

    As an Eagle scout (attained in 1962) I am dismayed about this wretched mess. I have called and written to BSA, and their phones have been flooded with protests. If the BSA caves in on this, it will be the death knell for them. I would have to remember my scouting days fondly, but would would disassociate myself from the organization. I agree with others… this is not a matter of “equality” and all that rot… it’s all a part of a much larger agenda, designed to tear down the United States. I pray that the BSA will “see the light” and not jump off the immorality cliff!

  • rebart

    I see a lot of knee jerk reaction here. The Boy Scouts are not planning to force all troops and sponsoring organizations to accept homos. If i understand it correctly each independent organization and troop can make their own decision. I think this is fair. However, if the Scouts were to mandate all troops and sponsoring organizations, then that would be the end of Scouting. If the Mormons and Catholics pull out of Scouting then Scouting will cease to exist, except maybe on a very small scale sponsored by non-Christian organizations, and I don’t see how they can make it financially.

  • agbjr

    For those who are upset over BSA National Council even considering a change of policy – and I am one among you – I understand and fully agree with your sentiments however if you do feel compelled to speak your mind please do not do so to the boys themselves nor even to their troop leaders. Contact local chartering organizations, the local BSA council, and BSA National Council, THAT is where your comments will do the most good. Not too long ago I was shopping at a supermarket where Boy Scouts had set-up outside for a fund raising event. A woman made a point of going up to the boys and loudly berated them over BSA policies, she called them “little gay haters”. Without revealing that I myself am a long-time scoutmaster I went right over and told her to shut up and if she didn’t leave the boys alone I would call the police and have her arrested for verbal child abuse. She turned beet-red and literally ran away! The troop leader in charge was just hurrying over (he had stepped away a moment before the woman began her tirade) and thanked me for stepping in; the boys were just wide-eyed and shocked someone would come out of nowhere to scream accusations about something they truly know nothing about. So, once again, please don’t speak with the Boys Scouts themselves of your misgivings, contact BSA National.

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