Researchers are claiming that the study of some microfossils have indicated that there was a significant global warming event about 40 million years ago.  They are now referring to these microfossils as ‘paleothermometers’. 

First of all, notice the assumed age of the microfossils and global warming event. We would place them as post-flood events which would make them less than 4,500 years ago. 

Secondly, the Ice Age occurred shortly after the Flood and lasted for several hundred years.  As the Ice Age retreated, the global temperatures would have increased by as much as this report claims they did.  Since the Flood and Ice Age, there have been cyclic changes in the global climate. 

Their research is not surprising, only their time frame needs revision.

The Heat Was On: Atmospheric CO2 Triggered a Global Warming Event 40 Million Years Ago

Atmospheric CO2 was the primary driver of a 400,000-year global warming event, known as the middle Eocene climatic optimum (MECO), according to a new study. The finding, which could help climatologists better understand the precise relationship between CO2 concentration and climate change today, is described in the November 5 issue of Science…..

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