The skeletons of Lucy (left) and Kadanuumuu (right). Both are claimed to belong to the same species, Australopithecus afarensis, but the fossil evidence for “big man” seems to be more consistent with it being Homo sp. It seems to be the ‘dating’ that has driven the association with Lucy’s kind. (Images not to scale.)

We have two exchanges this week. Carl Wieland has an exchange highlighting answering questions about whether the australopithecines (such as ‘Lucy’) walked upright. Dr Don Batten has an exchange with an atheist who thinks “Atheism is a fairly natural thing once you started to dig in to real science.”

Michael S. from the United States writes:

Hey Guys,

I was reading your article on Lucy and I just have one question. I read an article on ICR on the same issue, and they said that evolutionist couldn’t even really say the bone was Lucy’s, that it was found separate from other bones, so it could be a human bone. I am just curious I mean because I want to make sure I have the idea right. I do not even see where they can make the connection to Lucy from this bone. Maybe I read the article wrong, but I know you guys know because in my opinion you are just as smart if not smarter than evolutionist.

Carl Wieland responds:

Dear Michael

Many thanks for your email. Firstly, neither the article by the evos, nor our article, was suggesting that the bone was Lucy’s, just that it was from ‘Lucy’s kin’, i.e. Australopithecus afarensis. I stated in my article that “It was allegedly found along with some other remains of Australopithecus afarensis, the same type of creature as the famous fossil ‘Lucy’.”

In fact, it was found at a site that has yielded a lot of other afarensis remains. That is the famous ‘First Family’ site, where a whole bunch of these creatures were apparently buried by flash flooding (It is probably a post-Flood event, from the setting and relationship with other layers, though that is not certain)….

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