Gary Bates on fellow ‘abduction’ researcher Joe Jordan

Though Joe Jordan’s ministry might easily be misunderstood by some Christians, his specialty in the UFO phenomenon is actually a subset of the creation vs evolution debate. Joe was initially led astray in this area by popular culture, which shows how important it is for Christians to engage the culture with sound information—regardless of how weird we might think it to be at times. As a fellow traveller in this area, Joe and I have been in a friendly symbiotic relationship for many years now. His research, which specifically deals with the claims of people believing to have been ‘abducted by aliens’, helped me expose the satanic deceptions that underpin these experiences in my book, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection.

Prior to becoming a Christian, Joe described himself as a ‘crystal-ball-rolling new-ager’ with an interest in science fiction, which he saw as merely escapism. Although an evolutionist due to his public school education, it was not immediately obvious to him that most sci-fi and its depiction of alien life has evolutionism at its core (if life evolved on Earth it must have evolved elsewhere in a 14-billion-year-old universe).

Initially, Joe did not know much about the phenomenon. A book called UFO Crash at Roswell piqued his interest.1 It claimed to be a scientific investigation of the alleged crash of a flying saucer at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. Joe’s experience resonated with me, because as a young man the best-ever-selling book on the subject, The Roswell Incident, had convinced me, like many others, that the government was complicit in hiding the truth about aliens.

Drawn into a substitute religion

Now ‘hooked’, Joe wanted to know more. He visited a local UFO museum, talked with UFO researchers and read up. He was surprised to see a large array of ‘spiritual’ UFO books dealing with events like the Fatima sightings.2  Christianity is under assault from this area, because many believe that supernatural encounters and miracles in the Bible can be attributed to benevolent aliens being mistaken as angels or even God, and that these aliens may even be mankind’s creators.3….