Lichens are a life-form composed of fungi growing in symbiotic union with algae (Howe and Armitage, 2002). Lichen pigments play many important physiological roles, while their brilliant colors provide considerable aesthetic enjoyment (Howe and Armitage, 2003). The versatile array of lichen asexual reproductive bodies and the other fascinating features of the lichen upper surface have been studied by using scanning electron photomicrography (Armitage and Howe, 2004). Lichen algae and fungi are woven together forming “tissues” that resemble the tissues of unrelated “higher plants” in a general fashion (Armitage and Howe, 2006).

Our previous article (Armitage and Howe, 2007) contains figures showing detailed cross sections of various lichen fungi and alga. This current paper provides more photomicrographs of the cells of lichen fungi (mycobionts) from various lichens, and figure 20 is of a lichen algal cell (phycobiont). We show that lichen cellular ultrastructure yields evidence favoring intelligent design and direct creation. The Bible states that it Creator by studying His work (Romans 1:20). Based on this concept, we hope that readers will learn more about God through the study of lichens, which we believe He created….

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