[In March 2010 a conference was held in Stockholm featuring well-known Christian apologist John Lennox, and attended by the author, a CMI supporter who lives in Norway. The organizers had requested feedback; the following is adapted with minor editing only from the author’s letter in response.]

Dear [conference organizers],

The organizing, speakers, subject, locality, food were all great. Your young team did an excellent job and it was exciting to be there.

But there was something missing. And I fear the result will be that the conference will not have the longed-for impact on secular Sweden.

The missing ingredient is the Bible’s explanation for suffering, an explanation that promises a future physical world of justice at last.

John Lennox was challenged on this, Saturday morning, but said he’d been invited to speak about science not suffering—we needed another conference to deal with that issue. However, he continued, the Bible says that death came through sin. Paul speaks of human death (Romans 5:12 “death came to all men”). John also said, “There is animal suffering but the big question is human suffering.” Because of it, John said, many of his colleagues reject God, even though they see that the fine tuning of the universe is evidence for intelligence….

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