In the past there were so-called perpetual motion experts. These were inventors and tinkerers who wanted to build a machine that would run continuously without the supply of energy. The discovery of the law of conservation of energy (a law of nature) brought all efforts to solve this challenge to a halt because a perpetuum mobile is an impossible machine. Such a machine will never be built, as the laws of nature make it impossible. Evolution could only occur if the possibility existed that information could arise by itself out of matter.

Those who believe that evolution is a plausible concept believe in a “perpetuum mobile of information”. If there were laws of nature that preclude a perpetuum mobile of this kind, the theory of evolution would be disproved. Such laws of nature actually exist, and I have presented these at many universities throughout of the world. The concept of this theory of information is explained in the first article (part I) in this issue. There I enumerated four scientific laws of information arising from observations in the real world. None of them has been falsified by way of an observable process or experiment. In this article, eight far-reaching conclusions will be drawn….

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