Is creation evangelism, in the sense of using Genesis to help explain and proclaim the gospel, new? Is it a method employed by ministries such as CMI purely to counter the harmful cultural effects of the teaching of evolution in our modern day? Many think so, but this is not the case. Laying a foundation from Genesis confirms the ‘big picture’ of the Bible and salvation, something that is often lacking in today’s evangelism and teaching.

Evolution (which is the justification for humanist beliefs paraded as science) has immunized people today from responding to the gospel, because they think that ‘science has disproved the Bible’. However, it was not always like this.

Eager to hear

In the 1950s, when evangelists like Billy Graham conducted public campaigns, sporting stadiums were filled with folk eager to hear what he had to say. The concepts of God and salvation were understood, as most, if not all, had been brought up in a ‘God-fearing’ environment, where the Bible, prayers and hymns were standard fare in schools. Christian principles and the foundation of the gospel were established facts of life. For many responding at these ‘crusades’, it simply meant a return to the God they already knew about.

However, these methods do not work as well today. If you said to most non-Christians: ‘The Bible says … ,’ they would likely reply, ‘So what?’

Reaching an evolution-soaked culture

Today, the majority of people are ‘unchurched’ and ‘un-Sunday-schooled’. The concept of salvation is lost on them because they don’t know that they are sinners to start with. To learn any new concept properly you must start at the beginning—from the foundation up. The Apostle Paul used this method at a meeting of the Areopagus1 in Athens, recorded in Acts 17.  He had been trying to reason with the philosophers of the day in the market-place, who, it should be noted, believed in a form of evolution,and they remarked, ‘What is this babbler trying to say?’ (Acts 17:18)….

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