We all know about the law of gravity, don’t we? It’s what helps the moon slosh tides around the earth, stops galaxies from drifting apart, and holds your soup in the bowl.

We can express it in general terms as the force of attraction that exists between any two bodies, or we can get more specific and express it as an equation that includes the masses of the bodies, their distance apart, gravitational constants and such like, and then use that equation to help launch satellites and build bridges. The law of gravity is what we call a ‘natural law’, or a ‘law of nature’, because it is not derived from any theoretical proofs, but is simply the result of countless observations of what actually happens continually around us. That is, laws are descriptive, not prescriptive—they don’t cause anything to happen but describe what happens, just as a map doesn’t cause the outline of a coastline, but describes what exists.

Therefore only a Creator could have put amino acids into the order and configuration required for the proteins for the first living things.

However, we use the ‘law of gravity’ unthinkingly every time we serve a tennis ball or hang some washing on the line. No one has ever observed an exception to it—it is a law, unbroken and unchallenged at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances, far out in space or in our own bodies.

But it is not the only natural law. Most of us have at least heard of the laws of thermodynamics, the gas laws, the laws of electromagnetic induction, laws of chemical reaction, the law of biogenesis and many more. These are built into the fabric and operation of the universe by its amazing Designer. Some are expressed scientifically as theorems, such as Bernoulli’s theorem that helps us understand how carburettors work.1 These laws cannot be bypassed, and they are not suspended or modified in living things.

Who would want to bypass natural laws? Well, as it turns out, anyone who wants to try to explain the origin of the universe and of life without God must try to tell a story that bypasses at least one, and usually several, natural laws. It is interesting that such a person would insist that everything must be explained in terms of natural laws without supernatural intervention, when really this is self-refuting—it can’t be done….

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