Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University are claiming to have discovered the earliest known remains of modern man ever to have been found.  Excavating in the Qesem Cave in Israel, they have unearthed a number of teeth that appear just like yours and mine.  Preliminary X-rays and CT scan examinations have classified the teeth as belonging to modern man (Homo sapiens).   They dated them to be about 400,000 years old based upon the strata in which they were found. 

The new find could greatly upset the current theories of human evolution along with our place of origin.  The prevailing evolutionary paradigm believes that the earliest modern human remains come from Africa 200,000 years ago.  From Africa, they migrated to the Middle East and beyond.  However, this new find places modern man originating in Israel nearly 200,000 years earlier than those from Africa.  Avi Gopher, leader of the Israeli team said, “this changes the whole picture of evolution”.

Other members of the evolutionary community are reticent to embrace the new findings.  A prehistory expert from Cambridge University, Sir Paul Mellars said that while the study appears to be reputable, he thinks it may be premature to accept the team’s claims.  He believes that the remains may be those of Neanderthals and not modern man.  Mellars explained that skulls are a better indicator of origins than teeth.  Gopher answered that he is confident that his team with soon discover skulls and bones as they continue to dig in the cave.

This is what I love about evolution and evolutionists.  Over and over I hear them say that evolution is true, it’s been proven, and it’s a FACT!  Modern man evolved in Africa a couple hundred thousand years ago and migrated out from there.  Now their FACT may be proven WRONG and they will have to invent a new FACT to blindly defend. 

When you build your foundations on shifting sands, it is inevitable that the building you erected will eventually be washed or blown away with different prevailing tides and winds.  But when you build your foundations high upon solid rock, your structure can withstand the test of time and the storms that assail against it. 

Evolution’s foundation is built upon the shifting sands of human reasoning and assumptions about what they think happened in the past.  As different discoveries prevail against those foundations, they soon find themselves having to shore up their building with more and more new material. 

However, when you start with the rock solid unchanging foundation of God’s Word, your building will remain strong and secure and will stand against the gusts of speculation and waves of assumption.  And that foundation tells us that God created Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam’s rib a mere 6,000 years ago.  Not only were Adam and Eve modern humans (Homo sapiens), but they were the progenitors of all of mankind that has ever walked upon the face of the earth which means that any discovery such as the one in Israel needs to be interpreted in light of God’s Truth and biblical record of mankind’s origins.


Estrin, Daniel, Researchers: Ancient human remains found in Israel,, Dec. 27, 2010.

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