by  Dawson McAllister

If you think about it, some of the stories in the Bible would make good tabloid headlines or talk show topics. But, those who reported the stories expected them to be taken as fact.

Let’s look at the New Testament. The reporters of the events knew that these things might cost them their lives. Some ended up in prison for sharing these stories and some even died. The apostle Paul is a good example (Acts 26:24-26).

These Bible stories were witnessed by many people. The events were done in the open and many, throughout history, have died because of their beliefs. Plus, throughout history, many have tried to discredit these writings, but, the stories have stood the test of time.

Unlike myths, legends, and mystery religions, the events recorded in the Bible have happened in the presence of many credible witnesses (2 Peter 1:16). It’s also interesting to note that the Bible records eyewitness testimony from women, even though back then, a woman’s word was not taken seriously.

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