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Join in on this week’s episode of Creation Today, where hosts Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss questions regarding contradictions in the Bible. Are there any, or is the Bible true from beginning to end? Find out on Today’s episode of  Creation Today.


Eric Hovind: How do we know the Bible is true, if it seems to contradict itself? From the CTN studio in Pensacola Florida, this  is the Creation Today show with Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor.

Paul Taylor: And we’re gonna be tackling issues today like what was the reason why the Bible was written, and is the Bible actually accurate when it talks about the number of legs a locust has, or the value that you can calculate for pi.

Eric Hovind: I like pie.

Paul Taylor: And we also have a special treat listening to a superb song by singer/songwriter Bob Smith.

Eric Hovind: You are gonna enjoy today’s show. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. Send them into And we’re really looking forward to today’s show.


Eric Hovind: Welcome back,  the new year is in full swing, and we’re enjoying 2012. Isn’t God supposed to be coming back this year?

Paul Taylor: That’s what I’ve heard, and the Mayan calendar comes to an end or something

Eric Hovind: I saw a great comic on that. It’s the guy going to the Mayan Emperor saying hey I only had room to go out til 2012 with this calendar. And the Emperor goes that’s really gonna freak somebody out one day.

Paul Taylor: Now of course we’re not saying that Jesus wouldn’t return this year, it’s perfectly possible, because that’s up to God. God’s got the timing. But we do know that in 2011 we saw two predictions just pass by. The important thing is to stick to what Scripture says and concentrate on that….

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