At least once every month or so, a new fossil from the LiaoningProvincein Chinamakes the news with some kind of new discovery.  The latest Chinese fossil to make the news is that of a shrew-like mammal named Juramaia sinensis.

What makes this particular fossil newsworthy is that it is suppose to be 160 million years old AND all indications from the forepaw and teeth lead researchers to classify it as a true placental mammal.

Why is this important?

According to evolutionists, placental mammals diverged from marsupial mammals sometime back along the evolutionary family tree.  Prior to this latest discovery, the oldest fossil of a placental mammal dated back to 125 million years.  Therefore, the latest find pushes back the date of the placental-marsupial divergence by at least 35 million year.

This is what I love about evolution and evolutionists.  They continually insist that evolution is fact.  But their facts are changing nearly on a weekly basis.  What was fact a year ago may not be fact today.

This is like trying to build a house on a sand bar in the middle of a river.  As the currents swirl and change, so does the sand on the sandbar, until eventually, there is not enough sand under the house to keep it standing.

On the other hand, as a biologist, I start with God’s Word and read in Genesis 1 that He created ALL land animals on Day 6.  That means placental, marsupial and monotreme (egg laying) mammals were all created on the same day.  If one is older than the other, it’s only a matter of a few minutes or hours, not millions of years.

It doesn’t surprise me to see them finding fossils of different animals in new and different rock layers.  Most animals at the time of the Flood would have been ripped to pieces by the violent turbulence of the currents and floodwaters.  However, a number of animal carcasses were quickly buried where they once lived and others would have been scattered around by the currents and deposited and buried far away from where they lived.

Starting with the Bible, the fossil record makes perfect sense of God’s creation, man’s corruption of that creation and God’s subsequent judgment in the form of a worldwide flood.


Welsh, Jennifer.  Skinny ‘Shrew’ Is Oldest True Mammal,, August 24, 2011.

Worship Not the Creature: Animal Rights and the Bible

Worship Not the Creature: Animal Rights and the Bible delivers the most forthright and engaging presentation of the Biblical view of animals in print. J. Y. Jones, long an accomplished physician, scholar, writer, outdoorsman, hunter, and man of God, is uniquely qualified to offer his cutting-edge treatment of this controversial topic. Don’t let the down-to-earth, diverting and friendly style fool you. Just as Americas wise Founding Fathers discovered latent tyranny in a penny tea tax, Dr. Jones powerfully exposes the radical political agenda of the contemporary animal rights movement. With careful argument, he reveals the animal rights movement as a potentially significant menace to liberty and even to Christianity itself. Adding Dr. Joness able apologetic for the Christian faith in reasoned and transparently personal terms, one should prepare for a rich, compelling, and enjoyable read.

About the Author: An eye physician and surgeon for almost forty years, Dr. Jones is a decorated Vietnam veteran. He has received numerous awards for writing and photography. He is a frequent speaker at wild-game suppers and other sportsmens events, and particularly enjoys sharing his Christian testimony. He has volunteered in twenty-three overseas eye-surgery mission trips. He is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Russian. He has been married to his wife, Linda, since 1964.


It seems our politics parallel our theology. Dr. Jones demonstrates how we have allowed the distinction between Creator God and His creation to be blurred or forgotten. I see a very relevant parallel in the way the tenets of American government have also been marginalized as we allow government employees and politicians to contend for unconstitutional disarmament of American citizens. Jones rightly sees this attempt to transfer sovereignty from the people to the government as apocalyptic. — Larry Pratt (Executive Director, Gun Owners of America)

This book is so gripping that I found it difficult to put down. I have known Dr. Jones for many years as a physician, hunter, author, and close friend. He and his wife Linda were frequent guests in our home in Washington, D.C., when I was in the U.S. House of Representatives, attending the National Prayer Breakfast and State of the Union Address, among other activities. His beliefs are deep-seated and convincing. Anyone should find this read to be thought-provoking and intensely interesting. — Hon. J. Roy Rowland (Six-term Congressman, Dublin, GA)

Very rarely does a book come out that tackles such an important topic confronting our culture, an issue that is subtle and confounding to many. Dr. Jones does an insightful job of communicating the deception of the animal activist movement that is threatening the very essence of the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is the first book I have read that endeavors to present a true Biblical response to the animal rights agenda. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to better understand this insidious movement and the Biblical viewpoint a Christian should have toward it. — Dr. William Franklin Graham IV (Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn.)

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