Nils J. from the United States writes in response to No death before the Fall?, with comments from CMI’s Lita Cosner interspersed:

I find such arguments very disappointing. It should be evident that the Universe is very large and therefore needed time to form.

What makes you think that just because the universe is huge, God must have taken a long time to make it? God is omnipotent, and is not constrained by natural laws (He created them!).

For those who believe in a young universe, they are forced to say that God created it complete and so it only looks old.

Actually, we would say that God created a mature universe, with some things that look older if we assume only naturalistic processes, simply because using naturalistic processes, it takes time for things to mature. For instance, the trees in Eden were full-grown and produced fruit—but those trees were created on Day 3.  Adam was able to look up at the stars—but those stars are many light-years away, so if we were constrained to naturalistic processes, we would think that the stars had to exist for millions of years just for the light to be able to reach earth (but see this article on creationist cosmology that accounts for starlight travel). Adam and Eve were created on Day 6, but they were mature—if we were able to see what they looked like, we might assume they were in their 20’s, but in reality they would be hours old.

But there are certain things that certainly do not look old—certainly not millions of years old. We see all sorts of species, humans included, being more and more susceptible to diseases that come about from mutations that are passed from generation to generation. But if these copying mistakes had been occurring for much longer than the biblical time frame, our genomes should already be hopelessly mutated. From the rate at which spiral galaxies ‘unwind’ to the rate the continents are eroding, there are many indicators that show that the earth cannot be billions of years old.

They also are forced to rationalize the creation of light before the sun was created on the fourth day. Why are they forced to do this?

Because the Bible says that light was created on Day 1, and the sun was created on Day 4. We believe that the Bible is a reliable record, including this….

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