When I read the story: “Amoeba Parasite Kills Second U.S. Child This Month,”1 my heart couldn’t help but ache for the family of this boy. According to the original article, a nine-year-old boy caught the amoeba while swimming in a still, warm body of water: “The amoeba swims up the nose, through the sinuses and in to the space around the brain, causing meningoencephalitis—inflammation of the brain and its lining—in a day to two weeks.”2

Having three sons of my own, all under the age of nine, I cannot imagine the heartache the parents were going through. When we see headlines like this, it usually brings up the “How could a loving God allow…” question. If God created everything “very good”, does that include amoebas that kill little boys?

This is one of the main arguments that unbelievers use to attack Christianity and its image of a loving God. Regrettably, most Christians have no answer ready when someone challenges them with this seemingly loaded question. Because many Christians believe that the earth is billions of years old, and death preceded Adam’s sin, they have no strong answer for why there is death in the world.

Theologians have been trying to come up with a good answer for this question for many years. Many theologians now insist that there never could have been a real time when evil entered a truly good world—things have been bleeding and dying for millions of years, they think (see Crossing the thin red line). In this view, the Curse, if Genesis is even held to be historical in any sense for human origins, was the beginning of human death only….

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