This weeks Feed Back is more of a commentary.

This week, I received an advertisement in the mail for a magazine called Free Inquiry, which is published by the Council for Secular Humanism.  The headline of the enclosed letter reads:

Is it Blasphemous to ask Questions and seek truth even when it flies in the face of religious dogma?

Then the letter goes on to say:

You and I are under attack by religious fanatics who want to control what we read, how we think, and what our kids are taught in school.

The flier that accompanied the letter advertisement read:








(Sounds like something you’d enjoy, doesn’t it?)

I’ve had dealings with this organization for a number years during my involvement in creation ministry. They actively fight against any creation institution they can.  When I worked for Answers in Genesis, a local atheist group known as Free Inquiry did their best to keep the ministry from obtaining the zoning change needed to build the Creation Museum.  They constantly held news conferences and posted letters and articles in the local paper and talked to everyone they could to fight against the Creation Museum.

I’ve had personal dealings with members of the Council for Secular Humanism.  They accused me and anyone like me of being illiterate, stupid and uneducated for believing in the Bible and creation.  One person told me that I was a bigoted moron who was an embarrassment to the community.

Now mind you the title of their magazine is Free Inquiry, but that is a complete misnomer.  They are not about free inquiry.  They are about inquiry that is anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Jesus and anti-creation.

They will never support the free inquiry into the possibility of God or creation.  They are completely intolerant of anyone that believes other than they do.  They are against giving students the option of exploring or comparing the differences between creation and evolution.  They are also one of the groups that are doing their best to re-write American history and remove any mention of Christianity and biblical influence into the formation of the nation.

Does this sound like Free Inquiry to you?

I’m only offering you this short commentary to make you aware of the humanist organization in case you get their advertisement in the mail.  It’s not worth opening.  Just rip it up and toss it in the trash where it belongs.

Return of the Village Atheist

A Response to Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris

Joel McDurmon

Many Christians have replied to philosophically sophisticated forms of atheism (Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Michael Martin, Kai Nielsen, et al), but today there is also a growing literature of atheism geared to the popular level, the realm of the so-called village atheist. Joel McDurmon tackles popular atheism in a popular but cogent way. A fine apologetic work.–Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

Joel McDurmon is a graduate of Reformed Episcopal Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and an adjunct speaker, writer, and researcher for American Vision. (Hardback, 124 pages)

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